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Avoid the hassle of finding multiple vendors, filing with multiple parties, and of course – dealing with “bad apples”


An Emergency Damage Network Built Around Your Convenience

One Call Does It All!

The outreach to compile a network of professionals in the Emergency Damage industry began back in 2005. Homeowners who suffered losses from overflowing toilets, exploded water heaters and even devastating losses such as hurricane damage were being left in the dark. In the emergency damage industry, it is well known that in order to repair, treat, and restore a property; multiple vendors are necessary.

Our goal is to make the homeowner’s lives less stressful in a case where stress is practically inevitable. By linking multiple vendors together, we can accomplish a full property restoration much more efficiently.  

Get Solutions With Just One Call

No need to call multiple ads until you find the company that will best suit your needs. A Property Damage Concierge will hear your claim and connect you directly to the right vendor. Our notes will be passed on as well, so you won’t have to repeat yourself.

Never Get Charged

Every company part of the Emergency Damage Network shares the same business motto; Never bill the customer. All associated vendors work with Direct Insurance Billing and will NEVER ask for a service fee from the homeowner.

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

No need to wait for one vendor to finish their service before you call to schedule your next vendor. We schedule all vendors accordingly and build a timeline for you to get your property back to a pre-loss condition. Transitioning from one vendor to the next is seamless.

Avoid Bad Apples

Tired of hiring a company that doesn’t show up or hiring workers you can’t trust in your home? We've already gone through all the apples and kept only the good ones. Every vendor part of our Network is licensed and insured and has undergone a thorough background check.

I’d Like To Speak To A Property Damage Concierge

Our Mission & Service

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates community resources to protect property, lives, and the environment through preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery from all natural and man-made hazards that may impact the state of Florida. Our services include:

✔   Plumbing Services

✔   Roof Tarping Services

✔   Roof Repair

✔   New Roof Installation

✔   Smoke & Fire Repair

✔   Property Reconstruction

✔   Private Adjusting Services

✔   Property Damage Attorneys

✔   Complete Damage Restoration

✔   Water Damage Dryout

✔   Mold Testing & Inspection

✔   Mold Removal & Remediation

✔   Furniture & Content Protection

✔   Pack Out Services

We Work With A Network of Top Professionals

UNION RESTORATION • Quality, experienced, property restoration team that performs commercial and residential Mold Remediation, Dry Out Services, Fire & Smoke damage repair.

ROOF GIANTS • A full-service roofing company that perform any and all roof related services from shingles, tile, metal, or flat and even all types of repairs.

24MOLD • Conducting full-service mold inspections including air quality testing, surface sampling, inner wall cavities, and bulk samples. Also provides you with a detailed scope of work along with recommendations and explanation of the findings through a certified laboratory. All within 24 Hours!

LEAK DETECTION TEAM • Find your leak in places you would never imagine. Using both invasive and non-invasive technology; the Leak Detection Team is experienced and highly trained to find the source of moisture using state of the art equipment

CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS • Construction professionals are carefully selected based on their past experiences and quality of service along with fastest turnaround times. Our team of construction professionals will accommodate all your special requests and allow you the opportunity to re-envision your property in other ways if you wished to.

IPPS Insurance Property Protection Services •  Protection for all personal belongings and contents. Containments for furniture and cleaning for all salvageable contents.

ALL YOUR REPAIRS • When dealing with property damage, repair services are always necessary. The first step is almost always to stop the actual problem. We only work with licensed individuals with experience working side-by-side with restoration companies.

ROOFTARP.COM • A professional roof tarping company that protects your roof from incurring any further damage until the insurance can approve the repairs.

Our Core Values

Our sense of Duty recognizes the importance of our mission to the community we serve. It ensures that we always remember that, together, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and even bigger than the sum of all our parts. It is the foundation of our dedication.

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